An project

A Hybrid Notification and Alert Retrieval Service

  • Eric Bellm
  • Spencer Nelson


We consider the implications of providing a subset of alert packet contents in the alert stream, with the full alert packets available for rate-limited retrieval using an identifier included in the “lightweight” alert. This hybrid approach would enable much wider dissemination of the complete lightweight alert stream, potentially to thousands more users than is possible in the current baseline. In turn this “alerts on your laptop” access would allow users to conduct more sophisticated filtering and analysis than the current Alert Filtering Service, increasing the overall scientific returns of the alert stream. Community brokers would still be able to retrieve all of the contents of the full alert stream within the 60 second latency window and would gain greater control over their ingestion of the bulk alert data. Technically, this hybrid system may represent a modest increase in complexity over the current baseline but is likely to be more operationally robust.